Our Work - Some of Our Previous Work

We have always believed that outdoor digital screens should do more than just run video advertisements. We have been using these “Moving Walls to “Move Minds” from the very beginning.

Whether you are looking to launch a new product or ride on a popular trend to engage potential consumers, we have a digital experiential solution for you. We are uniquely equipped with the media, data, and content to deliver the most effective campaign for your marketing objectives.

We "Move Walls" to "Move Minds"

Interactive Jump Billboard (FMCG brand – ANLENE)

Anlene’s “Stay Active” campaign encouraged people to get healthy by always participating in some form of physical movement.

Interactive Digital Engagement for Physical Product Launch (FMCG brand - UNILEVER – MAGNUM Ice Cream)

Magnum Ice Cream launched their Hazelnut Luxe Ice Cream in April 2018. We developed a Face-Tracking Digital Booth and Mobile Game to bring Digital Engagement to their Physical Product Launch.

Virtual Driving Experience (Automotive brand – VOLVO)

How do you engage visitors to an in-mall car showcase? You can show them the cars. But can they drive them? We designed a virtual driving experience featuring custom-modelled Volvo vehicles in a Swedish environment. The experience even showcased Volvo's City Safety features like auto-braking and pedestrian detection.


Virtual Penalty Kick Campaign (Retail - Football Fiesta 2018)

In 2018, Al Ikhsan organised Football Fiesta - World Cup-themed roadshows held across several malls. We designed a virtual penalty kick experience for visitors to these events.

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